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The true cost of cheap Solar Power Installations and "too good to be true" Solar Power Quotes.

Updated: Apr 8

True cost of cheap solar power systems | Dont let this be your roof | Burnt out rooftop isolator | Solar PV Systems

Price should not be the sole decider when purchasing a Solar Power System.

Although it's smart to shop around before getting a solar power installation, its best to remember that the price shouldn't be the only factor that seals the deal. Don't get tempted by a "too good to be true" solar power quote.

When it comes to solar power installations it's important to know who is installing your solar power system, what are their qualifications? Can you get in touch with them once the job is done?

I recommend reading carefully the terms and conditions on your solar power quote and use tools like Solar Victoria - Find an authorised solar retailer, Clean Energy Council's find an installer & the NETCCS approved seller list. I have listed these websites at the bottom of this page.

The above photo was from a call out I had back in August 2023, to check over a solar power system that was not working. The customer could not contact their solar power installer, hence why I was called and I found this doozy...

A burnt-out rooftop dc isolator. Turns out it was installed incorrectly from the beginning. The conduit was not sealed and let water in, which got into the rooftop isolator and caused a fire.

Luckily for this homeowner, it did not burn their house down!

I am a CEC Accredited Designer and Installer for Solar/Battery systems and a NETCC Approved Solar retailer. From start to finish you will be dealing with me Kirk, for your whole experience.

Contact me today for a free solar power quote & site Inspection or get me to check over your existing solar power system.

I'm also happy to assist you with any general inquiries, please find my contact details below.



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