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What to expect with a free no obligation site
inspection & quote

Roof Inspection & detailed onsite survey: 
During the site inspection the following will be determined:
1) The integrity of your roof. 
2) Roof measurements will be done to give a very 
number of panels that can be installed.
3) The best directions for the placement of the panels.
2) Any shading issues that need to be corrected with an optimiser(s).
3) If tilts will be needed or not.

Switchboard inspection:
Your switchboard will be assessed, to ensure it is up to date with all regulations. We will also check how many meters and phases your property has. Also if there is room to fit the new switchgear.

Personlised solar system design & quote: 
You will recieve a tailored solar quote, based off your current and future predicted electrical patterns.

We will ask you questions, such as the following examples:
1) What appliances do you use the most?
2) Will you be switching from gas to electric?
3) Will you be purchasing an EV and wanting a fast charger for your home or commercial business?
4) Do you see your household growing with new members in the near future? Which would increase your electricity usage.

We will also use your electricity bills, and take a look at your budget. You can have peace of mind knowing that what ever your budget is, we will match it with reputable products.

All rebates/loans will be explained in full detail. K.A.W Electrical & Solar will assist you with applying for all rebates and loans required.

Financial analysis - 20 Year Financial Summary:
Your electricity bills will be used, to help decide the best size solar system to meet your electrical consumption patterns. Then based upon the system size you will be provided the projected expected electricity bill savings over a 20 year period.

Environment analysis:
A solar system will generate significant environmental benefits. These come primarily from avoided power plant emissions. You will be provided with a predicted summary of environmental benefits, that your solar system will provide.

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