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"How to save the most on your electricity bill with a solar PV system" Skip the sales person.. Advice straight from an accredited Solar Installer approved by the NETCC.

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NETCC Approved Seller Maldon Vic | CEC Accredited Solar Installer | CEC Accredited Solar Designer

Saving on electricity bills with solar

Avoid the sales pitch and get advice straight from the professional who's not only studied and trained in this field but the one who installs and designs solar PV systems.

Getting the best savings possible on your electricity bills with a solar PV system, starts by ensuring the right questions get answered, electricity bills analysed and reputable products are installed.

When it comes to putting together a solar quote, one of the first things I ask for is the most current electricity bill. An electricity bill provides a lot of useful information, to help provide a bigger picture of what someone's energy consumption patterns look like and what rates they are paying. I also take into consideration how energy consumption patterns and rates change with the seasons...

A solar quote becomes uniquely personalised by answering questions like " What will the long term energy consumption of this household look like? Would a hybrid inverter with a battery be a good investment? The answers to these questions vary from each household..

Another factor considered is, which direction a rooftop faces. This brings about a very common question, that's frequently asked. "What if my home isn't facing north?"

My response is:

There's a misunderstanding that if you don't have north facing positions on your roof, then you shouldn't get solar. Setting a solar panel north will generate the greatest amount of electricity. However, it's not always practical or it just simply can't be done due to roof area constraints.

Solar panels facing west will generate more energy later in the day, closer to peak use times. Peak use times are when your electricity retailer will charge the most per kwh for the electricity that you use. Peak electricity hours happen around 4pm, which is about the same time that household usage starts to increase. If your aim is to produce the electricity that you use, then west-facing solar panels can help you meet your goal.

East Facing Solar panels generally produce the most solar energy in the morning hours. East-facing panels are ideal for those whose electricity consumption is greater during morning hours.

By going through the above and obtaining a current electricity bill, a bigger picture of a households energy consumption is put together. I can work out what time of the day or season of the year you are using the most electricity, then design an optimal system that meets your energy consumption.

This is the start of a beautiful relationship were your investment not only pays itself off but performs well into the future.

Another BIG question I get " Is solar worth it if I am not home during the day?"

During the day, a solar power system provides electricity to a household, reducing the amount of energy you buy from your electricity provider.

A lot of consumers are away from their home during the day. "So how can I get the most savings out of my system?"


  • You can buy efficient timers that you can set through the day that will run heavy electricity using appliances. Like dishwashers, washing machines or dryers. A lot of these newer appliances also have this feature built in.

What does Battery with back up capabilities mean? Is it right for you?

When you have a battery coupled with a solar PV system, the excess solar energy not used at home during the day is first used to charge the battery, before exporting any excess to the electricity grid (if allowed by your energy distributor).

When the power grid goes down. A solar battery will kick in and back up the circuits you have chosen to be most essential..

There are various battery products available that have a wide range of functionality and performance. Some batteries can be charged from grid electricity during off peak times (e.g. overnight).

Does this sound like something you may be interested in? I offer a no obligation free quote, so don't hesitate to reach out.





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